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Program Officer - DVULI Operations
Title:Program Officer - DVULI Operations
Location:Grand Rapids, MI
Job Type :Full-time
Company:RDV Corporation
The Opportunity
The Program Officer - DVULI Operations oversees the day-to-day activities of delivering this national training program, ensuring that the organization is performing strategically and effectively in fulfilling its mission. This position is responsible for diverse activities with multiple internal and external stakeholders. The ability to develop innovative ideas for implementation and to motivate or influence others to implement them is a critical part of the role.    

Culture of Care
At RDV Corporation, we recruit only the most talented people who are highly capable, energetic, positive, results focused, and who naturally contribute to a premier service-oriented culture. In turn, our employees experience competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits programs that enhance their lives and experiences. They also enjoy a workplace that is meaningful, engaging, and collaborative; a place where they can grow their career in the vibrant heart of downtown Grand Rapids, MI.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Provide oversight of planning for all DVULI events and internal trainings; approximately 32 events per year.
  • Oversee the work of the DVULI Administrative Assistant.
  • Work with the Director of Communications and the Director of Curriculum and Training to oversee and document project management processes, functions, and procedures for all operations of DVULI to achieve strategic objectives.
  • Manage contracts, agreements, and oversee payments for contractors including presenters, instructors, liaisons, ministry partners, and outside vendors.
  • Develop and execute communication processes that support implementation of the program and program stakeholders providing consistent application of the DVULI values, goals and policies.
  • Oversee the DVULI liaison support systems/tools by developing and implementing practices that strengthen ongoing assistance related to youth ministry for DVULI alumni.
  • Provide support, including providing comprehensive reports and analysis of data, to the Director of Communications to assist in the evaluation of City Liaisons.
  • Gather, cleanse, analyze and report data in order to provide insightful information to support decision making regarding the program. 
  • Provide information, advice, feedback, or assistance to others within the organization to refine work outputs, maximize efficiency, or resolve problems
  • Develop the DVULI annual budget and monitor expenses applied to all budgetary categories throughout the year.
  • Work with other departments at RDV Corporation to maintain consistent policies related to accounting, tax, grants, and travel, and adhere to RDV, federal and state protocol requirements.
  • Partner with Philanthropy IT team to provide oversight to DVULI software programs such as SmartSimple, SharePoint, Salesforce, Canto, and others assuring that staff are storing information properly and following DVULI naming conventions.
  • Work collaboratively with the Director of DVULI on assignments and projects, including project planning, being the primary point of contact, ensuring following through, and other high level administrative functions.
  • Work independently or collaboratively, as appropriate, on special projects as assigned.

Elements of Success
  • Bachelor’s degree in business or related field preferred.
  • Minimum of five years in a highly professional environment required.
  • A desire to be part of the values and faith-based mission of DVULI.
  • An active approach to problem solving; strong project management, communication, evaluation skills, and technology savviness
  • Strong ability to work collaboratively with others
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills with the ability to interface with a diverse array of audiences.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in a Microsoft Windows environment, including Office Suite and Outlook.  
  • Share a commitment to the vision, mission, and principles of DVULI and those of the DeVos Family Foundations.
  • Must be comfortable representing the Christian beliefs and principles in which the work is rooted.

Additional Requirements
  • Must be able to travel by use of commercial or private aircraft.
  • Must be able to operate an automobile and be in possession of a valid driver’s license.
  • Some travel required.
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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