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Property Maintenance Technician
Title:Property Maintenance Technician
Location:Ann Arbor, MI
Job Type :Full-time
Company:RDV Staffing
The Opportunity
This position is responsible for providing facility maintenance for private estates located in Ann Arbor, MI, including monitoring and maintaining all household systems and equipment, such as HVAC, electrical, lighting, security systems, generators, etc.

Culture of Care
RDV Staffing provides domestic, household and property related positions predominately in West Michigan. We recruit only the most skilled and dedicated people who are service-oriented, collaborative, adaptable, and who possess the highest level of integrity. Our employees experience a meaningful workplace where they can make a valuable and appreciated impact in the household(s) that they serve. Full-time employees of RDV Staffing are eligible for a robust healthcare program, 401(k) plan with a generous 7.5% match, time off, and other meaningful benefits.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Develop an intimate working knowledge of, and maintain, all household systems (heating and cooling, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, interior and exterior lighting, appliances, recreational equipment, exercise equipment, emergency generators, plumbing, water softeners, and informational technology, etc.) to ensure optimal efficiency and operation. Conduct maintenance, or arrange for maintenance, related to all systems.
  • Regularly monitor all mechanical equipment (HVAC, plumbing, water softener, fountain, gate, generator, refrigerator, ice maker, electrical and security systems, lighting systems, etc.) to ensure optimal efficiency and operation. Replace filters, light bulbs and other parts on equipment.
  • Provide experience or possess the ability to learn basic audiovisual and home automation systems, and interface with outside service providers as needed.
  • Create daily, weekly, monthly and annual checklists for residence. Perform minor repairs and arrange for major repairs with appropriate contractor.
  • Solicit competitive bids for projects as required; monitor all work provided by contractors. Notify Household Manager of repairs and concerns and/or take appropriate action to resolve. Respond promptly to emails and texts, provide updates, and inform those involved of completion of tasks and projects; maintain written maintenance schedule.
  • Possess a good understanding of computer used for household staff email communication and operation of computer-based mechanical systems.
  • Inspect wood, stucco, and stone conditions of exterior and interior of residence(s); make repairs as needed.
  • Maintain outdoor fixtures, i.e., eaves, gutters, troughs, flag poles, lights (including a monthly light check at night), etc.
  • Paint and/or stain for general touch-up and special projects.
  • Maintain full stock of supplies, i.e., batteries, light bulbs, cleaning products/equipment, etc.
  • Sweep and/or wash patios, decks, porches, and entryways on a daily basis. Seasonal application of materials as needed.
  • Place trash and recycling for collection on scheduled days; maintain cleanliness and orderliness of trash receptacles; wash receptacles as needed. Maintain recycling system.
  • Ensure doors are well-oiled and squeak-free.
  • Perform janitorial duties of mechanical rooms, garages, and attics.
  • Keep accurate list and telephone numbers of service contractors and sub-contractors.
  • Ensure recreational/carrier equipment is in optimal condition and ready for use; maintain tires; maintain lawn games, basketballs, etc.
  • Conduct routine maintenance of spa and ensure optimal cleanliness of spa and surrounding deck area at all times; monitor water levels and temperature in spa; backwash filter; maintain pool toys.
  • Maintain outdoor furniture, pads, etc. in clean fashion and store outdoor furniture off-season as appropriate.
  • Ensure cleanliness and operational readiness of grill, propane fuel tanks, and portable outdoor heaters.
  • Maintain cleanliness of interiors and exteriors of family automobiles, fuel levels, and repair and maintenance requirements.
  • Assist with holiday decorating, i.e. Christmas lighting, special event requirements, table set up/tear down, etc.
  • Pick up/drop off people or cars (or simple marine) at airport locations.
  • Maintain a positive working relationship with co-workers; must be a team player and willing to help other staff members.
  • Assist other household staff as needed on a priority basis, i.e., moving furniture, lifting heavy objects, cleaning, putting together furniture, etc.
  • May be requested to assist staff after regular hours for special events/parties or emergencies on evenings, weekends, and holidays.
  • Perform special projects at request of Household Manager.
Elements of Success
  • Previous maintenance experience.
  • Knowledgeable and skilled in certain trades, such as mechanicals, HVAC, plumbing, appliance repair, electrical, painting, etc.
  • Knowledgeable in lighting systems, keyless entry, alarm and security systems, etc.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills are essential.
  • Attention to detail, organization, and follow-through in daily routine essential.
  • Must possess basic computer skills and be comfortable using computers.
  • Must work effectively and cooperatively with entire household team (including outside vendors) and offer supplemental services/duties as required.
  • Must be a responsible, dedicated, and dependable person of highest integrity; neat and tidy in appearance; organized and reliable. The ability to maintain a highly productive work output without immediate supervision is essential.
  • Valid driver’s license required.
  • Responsibilities of the position are conducted in the home(s) of the client of RDV Staffing. While an employer/employee relationship exists, it is important that employee is genuinely committed to being part of the household staff team.
  • The employer’s/client’s privacy and security are of critical importance; the highest level of confidentiality in the business and personal matters of client must be exercised at all times.
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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