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Job Type:Full-time/non-exempt (hourly)
Company:RDV Staffing
The Opportunity
Full-time opportunity responsible for laundering, care, and treatment of clothing and household articles at private residence in Ada and Holland, MI. 

Culture of Care
As an employee of RDV Staffing, you will experience an organization that is founded on the respect and well-being of others - our employees, their families, and the families that we serve. Our goal is to simplify the life of the family we serve and facilitate each household working effectively together to make a positive impact in all of their communities, near and far. We are a team of highly competent professionals who are gracious, trustworthy, and the best at what we do.

Duties and Responsibilities

Laundress Duties

  • Gathers articles to be laundered, pressed, and/or dry cleaned from closets and other laundry stations and sorts by color and fabric.  Carefully adheres to clothing care instructions on individual labels.  Utilizes available reference materials for special care, translation of foreign symbols, stain removal (i.e. Amway Products Guide, Stain Removal Guide, etc.).  Consults with Household Coordinator when questions arise regarding care and treatment of clothing and household articles.  Works with Household Coordinator to facilitate dry cleaning requirements.
  • Maintains orderliness and safety of laundry area.  Ensures laundry products, iron, and household laundry equipment items are properly stored.
  • Adjusts washing and drying machine settings to ensure efficient and safe temperature, water level, and duration of operating cycle.  Determines appropriate cleaning products and amount of product necessary.  Empties lint screen in drying machine and cleans interior of washing machines as necessary.  Reports machine repair problems to the Household Coordinator.
  • Removes articles from washer; sorts items for dryer or manual hanging; loads dryer or hangs items to dry as appropriate.
  • Sorts, irons/steams, hangs, and/or folds dried articles.  Inspects clothing articles and mends as needed.  Reports damaged items to the Household Coordinator.
  • Monitors and maintains laundry supplies (fill laundry detergent bottles, keep drawers/cupboards clean and organized, report any needed products to the Household Assistant).
  • Returns clothing and household items to appropriate storage areas.  Maintains organization and orderliness of the closets and drawers. 
  • Receives incoming dry cleaning; checks articles of clothing to ensure articles are ready to wear; places items in appropriate storage areas.  Returns articles of clothing to the dry cleaners if buttons are cracked, missing, etc.
  • Makes the beds; changes and washes the sheets on the necessary days.
  • Irons bed linens for the master and guest beds.

Housekeeper Duties

  • Cleans, vacuums, and dusts floors, ceilings, furnishings, hallways, fixtures, lavatories, mirrors, and empties trash containers.
  • Washes interior windows at reachable levels.
  • Monitors inventory levels of household cleaning supplies, and reports needed supplies to Household Assistant.
  • Scrubs floors and polishes as required.
  • Cleans interiors of drawers, cabinets, and cupboards.
  • Exercises extreme caution to ensure safety of all children when in proximity to cleaning supplies and household products.
  • In addition to routine housekeeping responsibilities, specific projects related to general residential upkeep will be required periodically, including but not limited to scrubbing tile floors, cleaning/organizing drawers, removing window screens in order to thoroughly clean between windows and screens, etc.
  • Reports maintenance/repair problems to Household Assistant.
  • Exercises open communications with other household staff.
Elements of Success
  • Ability to work at a physically demanding pace.
  • Responsible for work at locations in both Ada and Holland, Michigan.
  • Ability to operate household laundry equipment (i.e. multiple washers/dryers, air drying racks, rolling garment racks, hand steam irons, rotary irons and professional garment steamers) for lengthy periods of time.
  • Lifting thirty (30) pounds to a maximum height of six (6) feet.
  • Ability to remain standing on feet for lengthy periods of time.
  • Climbing steps and stairs; stooping, bending, and kneeling.
  • Ability to stand on small step stool in order to accomplish cleaning tasks.
  • Pushing/pulling vacuum cleaner and other household maintenance equipment.
  • Responsibilities are conducted in private home(s). While an employer/employee relationship exists, it is important that employee be genuinely committed to being part of the household staff team whose goal is to positively contribute to a Christian environment.
  • Preservation of a peaceful household atmosphere is essential.  Sensitivity to privacy of family members should be exercised at all times.
  • Equipment and cleaning products will be provided by employer.  If a question arises as to equipment operation or product utilization, the Household Coordinator will provide guidance.
  • Must be a responsible, dedicated, and dependable person of highest integrity; neat and tidy in appearance; organized and reliable; positive in attitude; and one who demonstrates pride in service which he/she provides.
  • The family’s privacy is of critical importance, and the highest level of confidentiality must be exercised at all times.
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